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  •  Rajeev Gandhi International Cricket Stadium Dehradun
  •  Rajeev Gandhi International Cricket Stadium Dehradun

 Connor Floorings India

Connor Floorings India
International federation approved Connor Wood Floorings are supplied and installed by Freewill Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd. Connor wood floorings are made up of Maple wood which are densely grained and is more durable than other woods. At Freewill Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd, we supply and install Connor wood flooring for Basketball, Squash, and Badminton courts and all indoor sports.

Maple wood Floorings are known for their fitness, Safety and athletic performance. Maplewood exhibits flexibility, resilience, durability,finish ability and low-demand maintenance.Athletic performance is enhanced by its hardbut-resilient character.Connor Sports Maple wood floorings are available with Freewill Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd.

Supply and installation of MFMA wood Flooring by Connor Sportsis done by Freewill Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd. MFMA wood floorings are today's most preferred wooden flooring when it comes to indoor wooden floorings. These wooden floorings are hard wood, resilient, durable and require low maintenance.

WSF, BWF, FIBA approved wooden flooring from Connor Sports, excellent resiliency, durable, multisport wooden floor available in various grades. Exceptional floorings which meets and exceeds all requirements of the sports wooden flooring.

Connor Sports wooden are tailored to your specific needs. Connor Sports Indoor wooden flooring has excellent quality and amazingly good look that’s the reason Connor Sports hardwood courts are preferred sports wooden floorings.

We're With You All the Way Connor Sports Flooring is the leading manufacturer of maple hardwood courts and synthetic sports flooring in the United States. We're here to help you design and build your hardwood court dreams, whether you need a full-sized maple floor for your university or a safe, shock-absorbing modular system for your family's backyard fun. We've designed and built more than 75,000 game courts in the United States and abroad. For fitness, safety and athletic performance, Connor Sport Court International is unsurpassed. Just ask the athletes who play on our courts. We are the official surface of the NCAA® Final Four™ and the NCAA Men's Collegiate and Women's Division I volleyball championships and USA Volleyball National Team and Events. Our partnerships also include the National Basketball Association (NBA); Federation of International Basketball Associations (FIBA); the International Badminton Federation (IBF). Connor Sport Court International is also a member of the National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association (NIRSA), the leading advocate for excellence in recreational sports representing more than 10 million participants. Connor Sport Court's professional engineers are known in the industry for designing and developing new products that set the standard for innovative solutions in sports flooring. In addition to our hardwood courts and modular tile, Connor Sport Court also provides a complete line of other synthetic sports surfaces, including rolled rubber and sheet goods, PVC sheet products and poured urethane. What are your needs? To Explore Connor Sports Flooring products and installations for institutions and business, click here.

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