Jannsen-Fritsen provides Physical Education equipments for 3-12 years old kids. These equipments help physical and intellectual development of the kids and also inculcate a habit of experimenting. These equipments channelize the energy of the kids and helps them to learn new things with the increase in level of experience. Apparatuses are challenging and safe which means it is 100 % fun.

Besides this the equipment are portable and light-weight and can be handled by single person. Does not contain any toxic material. These apparatuses have circular edges and are extensivley tested to secure their safety in P.E. All the equipments are specially designed for kindergartens and play schools.


 The best possible service and support via worldwide dealer network
 Exceptional logistical processing of your order, regardless of your location
 A complete range of TUV approved equipment for children
 Thorough on-site advice and support via our dealer network
 Project-specific support from phase one
 Original parts available for many years