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  •  Rajeev Gandhi International Cricket Stadium Dehradun
  •  Rajeev Gandhi International Cricket Stadium Dehradun


FREEWILL INFRASTRUCTURES is a leading provider of Sports and Leisure related Surfaces in India. We provide International standard surfaces for sports such as Tennis, Badminton, Squash, Basketball, Table Tennis , Futsal and Play Ground safety floors.  We have been the India distributors for "Taraflex" from France since 1992. Taraflex has been used in all the Olympics since the year 1976 for one indoor game or the other.  We added "Connor" wood flooring from USA in the year 2007 , a surface which is the preferred sports surface for many NBA (National Basketball Association) teams. "Sport Court" another Connor brand  represented by us , an interlocking modular tiles surface has been installed at many prestigious sports facilities in the country. Along with our International partners   we design and supply various seating systems for Indoor and Outdoor, Telescopic Seating and  Bleacher systems

We have installed an estimated 100,000 square meters of sports surface in the country . Our extensive experience in the industry has helped us train and employ a highly trained team of technicians and installers that ensures we provide and complete our installations at par with world class standards. As a company we strive for superior customer satisfaction by recommending the most suitable surface as per client needs and usage. 

With the help of  our partners  at J & F ( Janssen and Fritsen from Netherlands) we also undertake designing of Gymnastic Halls and Supply Gymnastic equipments. In addition we supply all the equipments for various Games like  Basket Ball Poles be it Hydraulic /Suspended/Movable. Tennis, Volley Ball, Badminton Poles and Divider Curtains for Indoor Halls.

Our client list includes Preimier educational institutes, Hotels, Resorts, Clubs, Indian Army, Navy, Air Force and various state govt. Sports DEPTT. ETC. .Our product line expansion has been continuous with the addition of  design/ construction of sport surfaces, seating systems and equipments and now spa and leisure facilities. We leverage the expertise from our experience in Sports industry as Freewill Infrastructure is a Freewill Sports Group Brand with NIVIA being its Flagship Brand.