Bodet is the leader in the scoreboard and video display solutions since 1868.

Providing a wide range of scoreboards for various indoor and outdoor sports activities like Basketball, Handball, Football, Volleyball, Running Events etc. are being designed and manufactured by Bodet Sports.

With Bodet Sport, you can equip your sports facilities with the latest innovations. All the score boards are designed with cutting edge materials to ensure optimum quality: ball-impact resistance (DIN Standard), FIBA certification, high brightness LED SMD display.

Over time, Bodet have expanded the product range in order to meet both simple and more complex requirements: scoreboards that meet the needs ofclubs and comprehensive scoreboards for high-level sport competitions.

Scoreboards and video display have become an important in arenas, sports halls and stadiums. This is beneficial not only tointensify sporting events and provide spectators with a unique experience: live broadcast of the game, zooming in on players and game action, broadcasts of highlights.

To show your partners advertisement during sport events we have developed scoreboards equipped with a LED screen. As the attention of spectators is captivated by the scoreboard, the LED screen placed on the center of the scoreboard, guarantees an increased impact of the advertisement.

For halls, arenas and gymnasiums, Bodet Sport offers a complete line of products for LED video display: LED screen, video cube, LED perimeter display, scoreboards with LED screen.

As a partner of numerous sport federations, Bodet Sport teams up with experts in their field to offer you high performance sport display solutions adapted to your needs.

Product Highlights:-
•  All LED video solutions are designed with advanced materials.
•  High luminosity SMD LED or through-hole LED display.
•  Shock resistant (compliance with DIN standard).
•  Excellent resolution.
•  Compliance with European directives.
•  FIBA approval.