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Seating Systems /
We are supplier of Stadium Seats, Stadia Seats, Demountable seating system, Telescopic seating system and Retractable seating system.

Freewill Infrastructures Pvt.Ltd. is major supplier of International standard Stadium Seats in India. We supply and install, Stadium Chairs, Fixed seating’s, Arena Seating’s, Indoor and outdoor Telescopic seating system, Retractable seating’s, Sundon bleacher system and Outdoor metal structure bleachers.

Freewill infrastructuresPvt Ltd Pune undertake the works for Stadia Seats. Our work is recognized pan-India. Major projects includeCooperage stadium Mumbai, Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium Dehradoon.

Outdoor Demountable seating system. Easy to install and remove.Manufactured as per client’s requirement and budget.Flexible dimensions to meet different limitations about site height, width and depth. Freewill Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd. specializes in custom seat building and installation.

The Telescopic seating System is widely recognized as the steadiest and low maintenance in the market. These system are manually and motorized operated, and comprises all safety features. It ensures to have toughness for sports hall and beautiful enough for the performance center.

At Freewill Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd. we provide Retractable seating system which saves the most of the space in the sports hall. Retractable seating system are known for the quality and reliability. When it comes to seating system, Freewill Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd. proud to have engineered solutions for a vast range of requirements and budgets.