Courtwall high density panel system has a infused to wood core multilayer melamine playing surface. It is NOT a painted surface, and no screw head are on play wall surface due to patented hidden H-profile installation system. The panel walls deliver fast, true rebounds and lively ball action. The lively ball rebound is much preferred by beginners and club level players who enjoy a faster and challenging game, and from top player and professional, as the Courtwall walls closely simulate the ball rebound of the all-glass courts used for all top tournaments today. The flush fit of the panels, and the exclusive Courtwall non-skid rough surface, ensures consistent, uniform ball rebound.


The Panel Surface, Seems, Ball Rebound and Warranty

The multilayer, non-paint, permanent surface from Courtwall panel courts is unaffected by normal use, no resurfacing is ever necessary. The system is guaranteed maintenance free and easy to clean by anyone. The Courtwall courts are a very significant advantage for club owners and facility managers, as no plaster or painted surface can be maintenance free. The consistent uniform ball rebound and the fact the panel seams will not influence the ball rebound is confirmed by the World Squash Federation's accreditation process.