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Connor Sports is worlds No. 1 Maple Harwood sports surface manufacturer. The wide range of Connor sports products have become the ultimate choice for every level of competition. 

Maple hardwood is dense, strong, remarkably hard and supremely durable product. It grows in shorter season hence has closer and more uniform grain. It exhibits flexiblity, resilence, durability, finish ability and low maintenance.
Athletics performance is enhabced by its hard but resilent character. 

Maples versatility and aesthetic qualities make it a wise choice as sports surface. Being an organic product it has patterns of fibers and air pockets that give it a natural shock-absorbing quality.
Maple wood is 80% more stronger than Sycamore and 25% harder than Teak wood. 

Connor Sports wooden surface meet 2001 DIN standards, which are still the most stringent athletic performance testing standard in the world today.

Product Highlights:-
•  Authentic and Traditional Hardwood Maple.
•  Resiliency and Performance.
•  Multi-Sport Flooring.
•  DIN and STEM Tested.
•  International Federation Approvals.