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Combi Floor


World leading combined double elastic sprung sports floor system is used extensively in sports halls, fitness, leisure and multi activity sports centers. It is a Paint and area elastic sports flooring with full shock absorption and vertical deformation. Its consistent ball bounce comprising of CXP foam backed point elastic surface and an area elastic wooden batten and plank substructure is ideal for overcoming uneven subfloors.

¨  Triple Action Protecsol for excellence grip/slide compromise
¨  Low friction burns and low maintenance
¨  Easy to maintain
¨  Environmentally sustainable product thickness : 78mm
¨  Shock Absorption : Not less than 50%
This product is ideal for  all the following games :
¨  Badminton flooring
¨  Volleyball flooring
¨  Table tennis flooring
¨  Futsal
¨  Basketball flooring
¨  Aerobics
¨  Gymnastics flooring


Photo Gallery Of The Product