Courtwall Innovation is the market leader in the Squash Court. Courtwall squash court products are all designed to match the highest quality demand of both our clients and all level squash players around the globe.All Courtwall court materials are tested, certified and accredited from the World Squash FederationWSF.

Courtwall has developed material systems for squash courts that are designed to achieve outstanding features that are superior to all existing panel play wall systems for a squash court. This are lively ball rebound, perfect acoustic and being maintenance-free. All wall systems are accredited an approved from the World Squash Federation WSF – for all level of squash games.

Courtwall Innovations provide Squash courts in 3 variants namely; Cement Plaster System, High density wood panel system and all side glass wall system.


Product Highlights:-
High density wood panel system:-
• Installed on steel frame
• NON PAINT melamine surface
• Hidden H-profile for panel installation, no screw heads on play wall surface.
• Easy to clean, 100% maintenance free.
• Accredited and Tested from World Squash Federation.
Cement Plaster System:-
• Specially engineered chemically modified cement plaster system.
• 25mm thickness – two layers.
• NON PAINT surface – upper layer made out of white cement.
• Cost effective solution.
• Accredited and Tested from World Squash Federation.

All Side Glass:-
• Optimal vision for players and spectators.
• Cannot be degraded by racquets, sweat, glass cleaners.
• Provides a clear glass effect.
• Can be installed in permanent or portable model.