DecoTurf® System


The DecoTurf® System
Each year more professionals play more matches on DecoTurf than any other cushion tennis surface. Worldwide, the most prestigious events are played on DecoTurf. It's no surprise that it has been selected for use at the USTA National Tennis Center , site of the US Open since 1978. From tournament director to collegiate coach, architect to homeowner, professionals demand DecoTurf. 

Outstanding Performance
DecoTurf is unmatched in providing full-depth resilience. Its multi-layer cushion system affords maximum player comfort and exceptional durability throughout the life of the court. In addition, each DecoTurf court can be fine tuned to provide the precise speed of play you desire. All DecoTurf courts have been classified by the International Tennis Federation (ITF) in each of the three categories, slow, medium or fast.

Decades of Durability
DecoTurf courts provide exceptional performance. 100% acrylic resins and select SBR rubber granules assure that DecoTurf's cushion system remains resilient for decades. The textured acrylic finish of the DecoTurf system is highly resistant to weather and ultra-violet degradation. The wide variety of long lasting colors creates a vibrant all-weather, uniform surface for years of play.

Relentless Research & Development
Continuing research and development keeps the DecoTurf system on the technological forefront. Each DecoTurf system is subjected to ongoing laboratory testing. Speed of play, ultraviolet performance, impact resistance and energy return are carefully evaluated and monitored. DecoTurf integrates the latest acrylic polymer technologies with the latest asphalt and concrete technologies to produce the ultimate cushion tennis surface.

Unmatched Affordability
The demand for cushioned tennis courts continues to grow throughout the world. Affordable cost and ease of maintenance make DecoTurf the perfect choice. From multi-court tournament facilities to single backyard courts professionals demand DecoTurf. Demand DecoTurf on your court.