DecoColor® System


​The DecoColor® System 
The True Colors of Tennis 
From lush greens to red clays, sky blues to brilliant whites, DecoColor delivers the true colors of tennis. Create your own beautiful court. The palette is at your fingertips.

A Grand Finish 
Your DecoColor court is sure to satisfy every taste and match every setting. Choose any combination of ten vibrant colors. With DecoColor's unique texturing system, you choose a slow, medium or fast speed of play in accordance with International Tennis Federation (ITF) standards. For added comfort DecoColor can be used in conjunction with the renowned DecoTurf® cushion system. DecoTurf has been the surface of choice for use at the USTA National Tennis Center , site of the US Open since 1978. Whether it's DecoTurf or DecoColor, every match you play, you're guaranteed a grand finish.

Enduring Resilience
DecoColor resists ultraviolet degradation and withstands severe weather conditions. Deep, rich pigments create vibrant long lasting colors for your court. Engineered using the latest acrylic polymer technology DecoColor endures the toughest of conditions.

Unmatched Value 
DecoColor is the surface for people that don't tour with the pros, but aspire to play like them. Only minimal maintenance is required to keep the DecoColor surface in top condition and looking great for years. Vibrant colors, consistent speed of play and long lasting durability makes DecoColor unmatched in value. Create you own beautiful court. Contact your authorized Deco Applicator. ​